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The Acupuncture Facial

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"Shelley gives a professional Acupuncture Facial. The fragrances & oils smell great & my face feels "lifted up." My skin has a glow; I'm calm & relaxed, and my stress is gone. The atmosphere is warm & welcoming!"  - Jacqueline A. Rochester, NY

Benefitting sinuses, allergies, wrinkles and fine lines...

  • The Acupuncture Facial includes gentle Facial Massage with Jadestone
  • Acupuncture for the Face & Body
  • Application of an Organic Facial Serum

This detailed and beneficial 3-step treatment is:

1. Facial Acupuncture with fine, gentle techniques. Acupuncture improves blood and energy flow to the Body & Face. Sinuses, Allergies and Wrinkles are treated.

2. Gua Sha Facial massage with Jadestone: A gentle Chinese tool made of Jadestone  improves blood and energy flow to the skin. The face (Cheeks and Jaw) are massaged relieving tension in these areas.

3. Essential Oils fill the room and an Organic Facial Serum is applied revealing a healthy glow to the skin.

"I've been seeing Shelley for several years.  I  feel fantastic when I leave - I am energized, relaxed & calm -and I get results for my headaches & jaw. Shelley created an herbal formula to increase my bone density - and it worked. Her focus on Women's Health with the Acupuncture Facial brings you both cosmetic and physical benefits. I highly recommend her!" - M.N., Greece

Micro-Needling: tiny needles boost collagen production.

What are the Benefits?

∙ Increased Muscle tone; Improved collagen production
∙ Reduction of Sagging skin; Elimination of fine lines
∙ Tightening of pores; Improvement of blood and lymph circulation
∙Visible brighter "glow" to your skin; Reduction of "double chin"
∙Decreased inflammation and puffiness
∙Reduction of larger wrinkles; Lifting of drooping eyelids
∙ Fewer skin acne breakouts; Elimination of fine lines

What are the Benefits for the Whole Body?

Improved energy levels
∙ Improved Sinuses and Allergies; Reduction of Pain & Anxiety.
∙ Reduction in Headaches; decreased pain in the Body
∙ Less Jaw/TMJ Pain(Tension); improved Bell's palsy.

  1. Pregnant women can wait until after their Pregnancy.
  2. Those with Migraines. Headaches may be treated with Facial Acupuncture, but not Severe Migraines.
  3. Those with a recent Sunburn or Chemical Peel.

Gentle Jadestone and Pink quartz facial tools.

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