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Cupping & Tuina Massage

Tuina (pronounced Too-E-Nah) is a system of Chinese Massage techniques that work to improve blood and energy flow throughout the body. The result is a personalized massage that brings pain relief, healing and relaxation.

This Massage includes massage strokes (Tui Na) for the back, feet, hands and neck. Stress and pain are released. Fragrant oils fill the room. The treatment includes Acupuncture and Cupping.

This massage feels great for both Men and Women. It relieves stress and heals injuries. It treats pain, stress, anxiety and headaches. It relaxes and balances the Body, Mind and Spirit.

Acupuncture is added for specific areas for pain relief and Cupping is used on tight muscles and injuries. Essential oils included in this treatment are: Sweet orange, Cypress, Peppermint,  Lavender, Wintergreen and Lemon.

All techniques are comfortable and pain-free for 90 minutes of relaxation.

Cupping & Tuina Massage -

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