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The Acupuncture Center focuses on Family Care with a Specialty in Male and Female Fertility, Pregnancy, Abdominal Health and Pediatrics. Overall Well-Being and Hormone Balance are focuses for  All Women.  Male Factor Fertility, Pain & GI Relief are my specialties for Men. I am trained in & use a gentle, refined Japanese Pediatric Technique for Babies & Children that brings them effective relief. My 20 Years of Experience allows me to give Dietary, Supplement & Herbal advice for everyone in the Family. My techniques and skills are  gentle, comfortable & results-oriented based on the proven effectiveness of Asian Medicine.

Areas where I can lend my expertise are: Reproductive Health & Pregnancy, Mental & Emotional Well-Being, Stress & Anxiety, Facial & Sinus Care, Immunity & Autoimmunity, GI Concerns and Pain Management. I incorporate beneficial techniques in my treatments that include: Cupping, Gua Sha (jadestone tools used on the skin), Maya Abdominal Massage and Bodywork called Tuina Massage. I give Acupuncture Facials for Therapeutic benefit and for Anti-Aging. Essential Oils are incorporated in your treatment for your benefit.


Shelley Szymko, Licensed Acupuncturist, Herbalist & Maya Abdominal Therapist

Please join me on your Journey for Improved Health & Click on Specific areas of Interest in the Dropdown menus to Learn more :)


The Acupuncture Center of Rochester: Family & Fertility Focus

          The Laurelton, 500 Helendale Road, Rochester, NY 14609 Suite 130

Text: 585-551-0176