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Welcome to The Acupuncuture Center of Rochester, the acupuncture practice of Shelley Szymko.  I practice  Acupuncture, Maya Abdominal Massage and herbal medicine. Within the scope of acupuncture, I do Cupping and also give the AcuFacial. The acupuncture treatments that I give are in the styles of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Japanese Acupuncture. These techniques are beneficial, comfortable and therapeutic to my patients. I treat general health concerns that include: Anxiety & Stress, Digestive Issues, Pain, High Blood Pressure, Allergies, Insomnia and Weight Gain. I also treat Women's Health Concerns such as Fertility, Pregnancy and Menopause. I address all health concerns in the most wholistic way possible.

I practice Maya Abdominal Massage for the digestive health and reproductive health of women, and I also offer nutrition and dietary suggestions for better health for patients who are looking for this.And, I recommend the use of Chinese herbs and Essential Oils for their therapeutic benefits as well. Welcome to my practice!  

To Schedule your Groupon, please send an e-mail to:

If you are wondering if the health concern you are facing can be treated by acupuncture, please go to Conditions That I Treat in the drop down menu at the top of this page. For questions that are not answered by the information provided on this website, please send an e-mail to: and I will respond within one to two business days.