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About Me + Acupuncture

The Acupuncture Center of Rochester, owned by Shelley Szymko, L. Ac. provides acupuncture for men, women, teenagers and children; Maya Abdominal massage for adults; Essential Oil therapy; Gua Sha, Tuina Massage and Cupping, and nutritional and herbal counseling.

About Me + Acupuncture -

Shelley Szymko, Licensed Acupuncturist, Herbalist & Maya Therapist


Acupuncture for Fertility...

“I have been working with Shelley for two years now and she has been a wonderful part of my fertility journey. The idea of acupuncture needles really intimidated me at first, but Shelley was quick to put my mind at ease. She has worked with me on diet as well as with Chinese herbs that have really improved my cycles. Shelley has been a huge support to me, in every way, during this otherwise wild ride. I can't recommend her enough. Her kind spirit, and her knowledge and skills have proven priceless to me. Thank you Shelley!” – B.S.

Acupuncture for acute and chronic health concerns...

"My weekly treatments with Shelley have helped me to not only maintain my health, but excel and do better than I had imagined, during a very challenging time. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Even after I am at the point where I can space my treatments out, I plan on making sure acupuncture is a part of my life long care.: - K.T. 

Acupuncture for bronchitis, general health, and pain & sports injuries...

For years I had always gotten 4-8 week bouts of bronchitis once or twice per winter (in spite of my inhaler & nasal sprays.) My wife was doing acupuncture and it seemed to be making a difference for her so I agreed to try it for as long as the treatments would keep me free of bronchitis. It has been over three years, making a believer of both my doctor & I. Being that I am an active 67 year old, the sessions with Shelley have also been a tremendous relief of shoulder, elbow, knee & hip pain. Clearly, my acupuncture treatments have had a very positive effect on my overall health so I have not missed a single treatment… every 5 weeks, it is a must!” – M.F. 

Acupuncture for cancer treatment and general wellness...

“Acupuncture has helped me to better manage the side effects of my chemotherapy treatments. I look forward to my monthly acupuncture appointments and always leave feeling better!” – M.C. 

Acupuncture for smoking cessation, arthritis, acid reflux & stress...

"I have been an acupuncture patient and advocate for 15 years. I quit smoking using acupuncture.  I have been smoke-free for 13 years. I also use acupuncture for wellness therapy. The therapy helps to keep me emotionally balanced during times of sadness and stress. Acupuncture eases my arthritis in my hip and acid reflux, and it promotes the health of my kidneys. Its use before surgery prepares my body and helps in the healing process after surgery. The benefits are too many to list!" - Barb J.

Acupuncture for sinus problems, joint issues, GI  & Wellness...

"I have been seeing Shelley for several years and I always leave my sessions feeling renewed and rejuvenated. Her warm presence and soothing manner add an additional level of relaxation to each treatment. Shelley has treated me for sinus problems, GI problems, knee and hand problems, as well as general work-related stress and exhaustion. I can feel the results for several days after each session.  I also believe that acupuncture increases energy levels and restores the overall functioning of the body-mind connection. Shelley does a great job and I would readily recommend her gentle style of treatment to my circle of friends."  – B.L.

Additional Staff

Phyllis M. Albrecht, HR Assistant (Volunteer.)

Phyllis Albrecht brings a warm presence to the office assisting with greeting, filing & answering phones approximately 8-10 hours per week. She has a long history of working as a Secretary at the former Griffiss AFB in Rome, NY as well as years enjoying working as a Medical Secretary in Upstate NY. Her knowledge, use of medical terminology and joy working in medical settings makes her a nice addition to the Acupuncture Center of Rochester. Her presence and volunteerism is greatly appreciated in this integrative acupuncture practice.

About Me + Acupuncture -

The Acupuncture Center of Rochester

Fertility, Family & Pediatrics

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