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The Acupuncture Facial

      Wild Orchid Facial -

Facial Care with Acupuncture & Facial Massage

The Acupuncture Facial includes Facial Massage with Facial Tools and gentle strokes & Acupuncture, with Facial "Gel" Mask  and Essential Oils application.

The 3-step treatment is:

1. Facial massage and Facial Acupuncture: Gentle facial massage along the forehead, chin, jaw and neck with  fine, sterile acupuncture needles inserted gently into the skin to assist with: sinus issues, allergies, wrinkles, fine lines and collagen production. Facial massage and acupuncture has been shown to improve the skin in all of these areas. Acupuncture is given on body points as well. 

2. Gua Sha: A gentle Chinese tool made of polished Rose Quartz or Jadestone  improves blood and energy flow to the skin. The face (cheeks and jaw) are addressed, as well as the neck, upper chest and shoulders. The result is relaxation and relief from tension in these areas. Gua Sha was performed in China 2,000 years ago and is popular in the United States today.

3. Essential Oils, Mist and Serum: Essential oils filling the room are sweet orange and peppermint. Flower waters of Lemon Balm and Orange Blossom are misted onto the skin, and a serum of Argan, Frankincense and Geranium Rose oils are applied.

Our Facials
The Rejuvenating Rose Grapefruit Facial or the Refreshing Lemon-Lime Facial

Your Facial Consists of:

1. Facial  Acupuncture (gentle needles to bring a glow and to treat problem areas.)
2. Facial Massage (called Gua Sha) using gentle Chinese tools including Jadestone and the Jade roller.
3. Facial Serum application (Rose  & Grapefruit or Lemon & Lime in Argan Oil.
4. Essential Oil Aromatherapy and Body Acupuncture for (Stress/Anxiety, Pain, Relaxation.)


What are the Benefits of Cosmetic Facial Acupuncture?

∙ Increased facial muscle tone; Improved collagen production
∙ Reduction of sagging skin; Elimination of fine lines
∙ Tightening of pores; Improvement of blood and lymph circulation
∙Visible brighter "glow" to your skin; Reduction of "double chin"
∙Decreased inflammation and puffiness of the skin

What are other possible Benefits?"

∙ Reduction of larger wrinkles; Lifting of drooping eyelids
∙ Tightening of pores; Improvement of blood and lymph circulation
∙ Visible brighter "glow" to your skin; Reduction of "double chin"
∙ Fewer skin “breakouts, “acne and redness; Elimination of fine lines

What are the benefits of facial acupuncture for the Whole Body?

Needles will be placed on your face, but also on your body to improve your overall health. Here are some of the benefits of whole body needles:

∙ Increased energy levels improved feeling of well-being
Improved mental alertness; Reduction of pain, stress & anxiety
Reduction in sinus congestion and migraine headaches
Improved hormonal balance for women of any age (including those with PMS,
            peri-menopausal or menopausal symptoms)
Improvement in conditions of TMJ and Bell's palsy
Reduction in tooth and jaw pain


Wild Orchid Facial -

Orchids... an Inspiration for natural beauty...

Wild Orchid Facial -

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